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Plant City Bankruptcy Lawyer Offers Flat Fees

As you face a difficult financial circumstance, you may be hesitant to hire a lawyer because of the cost. Debt is one of the greatest frustrations that an individual can face, and unlike other firms, my firm is sensitive to that fact. Attorney fees often result in added anxiety and concerns to people who are facing overwhelming debt. If you hire an attorney who tracks every moment of representation, your case will likely be dragged out and your expenses can substantially increase. Many attorneys use billing methods, such as an hourly rate, that can seem counterproductive to the bankruptcy process. Hourly rates can lead to a greater amount of strain on the client who wants to conclude the bankruptcy as soon as possible. My firm understands your financial needs as well as your desire to move through this process quickly, which is why I represent bankruptcy clients for flat rates.

What is flat-fee representation?

Rather than charging on an hourly rate, the Law Office of Keith Will Wynne, Esq. represents clients using flat fees. This means that I charge a fixed total fee to cover all services and expenses. My purpose in offering a flat-fee billing rate is to deliver a solution to your case that is based on value and not time spent on your case. Flat fees are reliably predictable because the client and attorney initially agree to a set legal fee that will not change during the course of your case. With flat-fee representation, unforeseen circumstances do not result in increased financial stress. You will not be pressured to compensate my firm for additional time spent on the case than was originally expected. Also, these fixed fees remove the guesswork from your case and ensure that all legal services are offered for your benefit rather than the lawyer's financial gain.

Affordable Legal Representation from a Plant City Bankruptcy Attorney

Debtors can become frustrated with the idea of entering a legal agreement without knowing what it will cost them. With hourly rates, you are not given a complete picture of how much the bankruptcy services will end up costing you. At the Law Office of Keith Will Wynne, Esq., I provide representation on a flat-fee basis to meet the needs of all of my clients and provide them with the advantage of knowing the cost of the total process up front. Whether you are a business, family, or individual, you can come to my firm with all of your questions and trust in my representation. By entering into legal relationship with my firm, you will be aware of the exact costs of your bankruptcy. I handle all cases on a flat-rate basis to ensure that you can pursue debt relief with the utmost confidence. Take advantage of my flat fees. Contact the Law Office of Keith Will Wynne, Esq. today!

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