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Helping Homeowners Find Financial Solutions

I practice Foreclosure Defense to help honest, hard-working homeowners who are experiencing tough times to find solutions to their mortgage problems.

I’m sure by now you have become beyond frustrated in trying to deal with the bank by yourself. You’ve probably sent the bank all the information they requested three or four times, only to be told two months later that they don’t have it. You’ve asked ten different representatives for help only to be told they will send you a loan modification package that never makes it to your home. I’m sure by now you’ve lost your fair share of sleep, and probably have had quite a few arguments with your spouse about the status of your home. You’ve paid them faithfully for years and now have run into trouble and nobody seems to care.

I understand and I can help.

I offer free consultations to discuss your options when you are faced with a Foreclosure Lawsuit. At the consultation, we would discuss the following:

  1. What your overall goals are with your home and how we can assist you in achieving them, whether you want to keep your home or walk-away.
  2. What happens legally when a foreclosure lawsuit is filed.
  3. How much time a foreclosure normally takes.
  4. What type of defenses you may be able to raise to the foreclosure lawsuit.
  5. My help in trying to negotiate an out-of-court resolution to the foreclosure and assisting you with the loan modification process.
  6. Other options available under Florida and Federal law for resolving the foreclosure lawsuit.

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