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Auto repossession is one collection action that many lenders and debt collectors use against debtors who have missed payments on their vehicles. Repossession is the taking of your property without having sued you. Typically, repossession use used to take back a vehicle, but this action can also be taken for household appliances, televisions and property that act as security for a loan. Property that serves as collateral can be taken as payment for a secured debt. If you have defaulted on a loan and repossession has been enacted against your property, my firm can help! At the Law Office of Keith Will Wynne, Esq., my goal is to defend your rights against repossession.

Rules of Repossession

If you have defaulted on a loan or payment, a lender can hire a repossession company to take your property. Companies that perform repossession duties have to comply with laws and cannot commit illegal acts to remove your property. Acts of assault or breaking and entering are against the law. Repossession actions must take place in a manner that does not breach the peace. In many circumstances, repossessions are a legitimate tactic that can be taken against debtors. When you finance a car, you provide the lender with a security interest in that vehicle. With the security interest, your creditor has the right to repossess your car without first going to court.

How to Get Your Vehicle Back

In many cases, you can take action to get your car back. You can redeem the vehicle, or buy it back, by paying the lender your entire loan balance. If it is sold at auction, you can bid on the automobile to purchase it back but you will still remain liable for the deficiency balance. Another option is to file for bankruptcy. As your Plant City repossession attorney, I can help you through the process to defend your rights. Contact my firm today for the assistance you need!

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