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Time Sharing for Divorcing Parents in Plant City

The two main issues in divorces with children are time-sharing (we don't use the word "visitation" anymore), and child support. Time-sharing can be a very contentious issue between spouses going through a divorce. Ideally, spouses would have some sense of an agreement as to what the time-sharing will be once they separate. Absent an agreement, the results will depend on the specific facts of your case.

Do courts routinely order equal time-sharing?

The Florida legislature passed laws in 2010 that addressed the issue of time-sharing. All in all though, the law was not changed to require equal time-sharing. The courts are still directed to determine a "Parenting Plan" that is in the best interests of the children. So if equal time-sharing would not be in the best interests of the children, and you could prove that to a judge, then no, there does not "have" to be equal time-sharing.

The main issues the court will look at in determining time-sharing are:

  • After separation, what was the time-sharing schedule you came up with on your own? The court will consider the arrangement you had before you got "lawyered up" to be very persuasive. Of course, many parents going through divorce will blame what they consider to be unfavorable time-sharing on the other spouse (he/she won't let me see the children, or he/she dictates when I can see the children, etc.).
  • How far apart the parents live from each other. The farther apart you live, the less likely the court would order equal time-sharing.
  • Who historically took care of the children
  • Is either parent withholding time-sharing from the other, or is one parent being unreasonable.

These are only a few of the factors that the court is directed by statute to consider in determining how to apportion the time sharing between parents in a divorce or other custody dispute.

Do child custody cases always go to trial?

Judges would always rather have the mother and father agree on a parenting plan than impose one on them. They'd be happy to do it. But the judge will most likely inform the mother and father prior to the hearing that they would be better off resolving it themselves, than having a stranger that reviews their life for a few hours, and then makes a final determination as to their children. In either scenario, it is in your best interests to have an experienced Plant City divorce lawyer on your side to advise you of your rights and work to achieve a parenting plan that keeps you in your children's lives as much as possible. Contact my office now to discuss your situation and begin working on a strategy for your case.3

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