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Child Support is determined by a mathematical formula developed by the Florida Legislature. For the most part, it's pretty cut and dry. Child Support is determined by combining both parents net income. Net income is determined by your gross income, minus the taxes you pay, health insurance, child support/alimony from prior relationships, and mandatory retirement payments. When calculating net income, it is important to take into account several factors, including:

  • Health insurance
    This is your health insurance, not the total health insurance deducted from your pay. Your child's portion gets added into the child support calculation elsewhere.
  • Child Support/Alimony From Prior Relationships
    This includes not only child support you are ordered to pay, but also any child support you would be paying for a child born prior to the children you have with your spouse now. That's called a "Smith Credit". To get the credit, you must be living with the child(ren) that were prior born.
  • Mandatory Retirement Deductions
    Mandatory means just that, mandatory. If you could go to human resources and tell them to stop all retirement deductions, then it's not mandatory. It's rare that retirement deductions are mandatory.

Number of Overnights and Daycare Expenses

The child support calculations are affected by the number of overnights each parent have with the children. The more equal the overnights, the less child support will be owed from one parent to the other. It is still very possible to have equal time-sharing, with one parent still paying the other child support. In a case like that, one parent would be making a lot more than the other. It is also important to note that daycare expenses are included in the child support calculation. To learn more about the calculations for child support and to find out how you can benefit from hiring me as your Plant City divorce attorney, contact my office now for an initial consultation.

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